And Add An Extra 5 Figures To Your Bottom Line!

No more selling your time for money, getting paid by the hour and your head getting sore from hitting your income ceiling!

It's time to get savvy with your tiny time and make it work for you through a profitable online course so you can make the impact and money you want without working longer or harder.

Do you have a business where you work with the people you want, the hours you want and every penny you make isn't dependent on you being physically there?

Or are you so busy working, hustling to get that new client that you don't even realise it's gone dark outside, the light in your room isn't on, your eyes hurt and you've been busy working away for the last 10 hours.

And still not getting the results you want - the clients, the cashflow and the impact you want to make.

And you shake your head and think 'what the hell am I doing? This is not the dream, I've created a nightmare!'

I'm no miracle worker but I do know how to make your life SO much easier.

Would you like to know how?

Great, let's get started!

Today, I want to show you an easier way of earning money whilst impacting the lives of the people you're here to serve.  

I'm about to show you a simple way to get BIG results with your tiny time.

Imagine waking up, feeling light and happy about the day ahead.  You make yourself a hot cup of coffee and you take a quick glance at your phone and smile happily as you see your Paypal has been happily cha-chinging overnight!

And you breathe a sigh of relief and contentment!

Instead of slamming the alarm clock as it goes 'beep-beep-beep' like a drill driving straight through your head, rubbing your eyes blearily and wondering what the day holds for you.

Instead of feeling your energy low in your boots as you check your phone for emails, heave a big sigh when you look at your appointments diary, wondering where the next paying client will come from this week and feeling exhausted before you've even begun.

 Just because most business owners feel like this doesn't mean it has to be the reality for you!
And when you have limited time to work in your business, it feels so much worse.

Making money in this day and age means your tiny time doesn't have to be an obstacle.  In fact, when you have tiny time, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting that precious time worrying about cashflow, where the next client's coming from and how you can grow your business.

You don't want to be answering client emails at midnight, working on everyone else's business except your own, feeling fed up with the constant haggling and clients asking for discounts when you're already over-delivering.

That's not why you started the business! Thankfully it doesn't have to be like this.

I'm about to show you an easier way!

You might already be thinking 'Pull the other one Yasmin!' but honestly, stick with me. I don't do hype or BS.

I'm not offering you a pipe dream of sitting on a beach sipping cocktails and watching your Paypal account go cha-ching!

That comes later!

What I want to show you is a very simple way to start bringing money in without you having to work for it EVERYTIME (this is key)

A way to share your knowledge and expertise without feeling like a broken record!

Listen love, I know that you want to make a real go of your business but you're stuck.

You're struggling with
Trading time for money
Working too hard for not nearly enough money
Feeling tied to the business
Feeling guilty if you decide to take a day off
Worrying your clients will think you're skiving if you don't reply to their emails immediately
Working for the worst boss you've ever had....YOU!
You're so tough on yourself, you give yourself a hard time if you don't meet a goal and boy, do you like to go over your mistakes constantly...even those that happened ages ago!

You're wondering if you're cut out for this.
Maybe you're thinking of giving up.

I know all this because I have been EXACTLY where you are.  

I know how all of the above feels and I know it can feel exhausting.  If you've been in business for even just a few months, you know how easy it can be to get caught in the 'time for money' trap.

And you also know how quickly and easily it can be to get downhearted.

With my two little babies and one on the way, I know all about tiny time.  I typically have about 3-4 hours a day to work in my business and using that time to chase clients is not fruitful.

Nor is it fun!  

You want to spend this time creating and connecting with your community, serving them at your highest level - you can't do that when you're worrying about money and all the bills you have to pay.

Getting caught in the feast or famine stage of cashflow in business is not a nice place to be and a place you need to get out of FAST!

The big question on everyone's lips are HOW?

You're in the right place if 

You're ready to start making money with what you know.
You want to package your skills and passion in a way that means you create once, get paid over and over.

You just don't know where to start.

You've thought about creating an online course but you just haven't started yet.

Well, there's nothing stopping you


Your belief that you don't know enough
It won't be good enough
Other people know more than you
You have nothing of value to share
Everybody knows what you know
Others are already doing this

I felt like this too until I realised

*I don't need to know everything.
*It doesn't have to be perfect (aim for high standards but NEVER perfection!)
*Just because someone else is doing it doesn't mean you can't!

* We all have a massive amount of value but you're too close to seeing it so you just dismiss it
* People need what you know - when you hold back, you're not serving them
* Online courses don't have to solve every single problem for your just start by solving their biggest one!

Getting out of the time for money trap by creating your online course can feel scary at the beginning but once you see what it can do for you, isn't it worth stretching your comfort zone for?

That's why I've created the simple yet HIGHLY effective 6 week 'Course Creation Bootcamp' and I would love for you to join me for this exciting training.  

This is about to transform your business, how you impact more people and make more money.

I've created this bootcamp with you in mind, to give you the step by step guide on how to get the know-how and expertise OUT of your head and INTO a simple online course that will make you money every day.

So without further ado, let me give you the guided tour of what we'll be doing in the 6 week Course Creation Bootcamp!


"I decided to take the Course Creation Bootcamp because I was looking for specific direction and focus to clearly see how I can produce an online course, quickly and professionally for an idea I am working on.  I am so aware that there are many ways to do these and the investment in resources to deliver an online course differs so much.  I like the style of your own courses Yasmin. 

I knew the CCB would be perfect for me because you save me time working out the steps to take (and how to order them!) and produce these steps into tiny bite sized pieces.

It was an immediate yes when I saw your course.

This is not JUST a course creation bootcamp.  It is a ‘Launch A Product You Want To Sell Online Course’. 

There is no clutter or fuss to confuse anyone and so much clarity that I have been able to apply it to an existing real product already selling locally, but now nationally AND as of yesterday with international interest!

The clarity of the course, coupled with the invaluable support from the group, really boosted my confidence in what I know, what I have to offer people and how much I am worth.

In the space of 2 weeks, with the investment of £5 (!) on a Facebook boost, I was able to convert it into an order book of £13,250 (and rising each day as I ride the momentum that was created). 

I have this skill in my back pocket for the original idea I was initially going to work on, with the experience now of how to pitch it to the right people and at the right time.  BUT I also now have a new love for my business and see the dots all lining up (as I always hoped they would) to get a real handle on selling bespoke premium products online globally.


I specialise now in bespoke all in one (bra included) lightweight shapewear that can provide lift, support and enhancement for any woman in any style of clothing – backless dresses etc.  I’ve now totally found my niche!!

I work predominantly with brides but not exclusively to brides alone. 

I can offer a premium fitted service as well as remote fittings globally via Skype.

I LOVED the systematic simplicity for the course.  The small actionable chunks, the honesty in the simplicity.  I loved that the structure was so clear that I could apply it to other areas of my work.  This is an invaluable system.

  I would recommend this course without a shadow of a doubt!"

Mary Murphy, Belfast,

"Yasmin - with pleasure and many many thanks......

When I committed to doing this course, I’d been toying with the idea of creating an online programme for several months, but always kept finding excuses not to get on with it. I know Yasmin’s work from previous mentoring, so knew her programme would be good.

I’ve attended some other programmes previously which were okay, but if anything they had too much going on. The straightforward simplicity ‘what you see is what you get’ approach from Yasmin is absolutely what I needed.

It was really well structured – short videos delivered each week on a Monday, with a group discussion and check in call each Thursday; Yasmin’s way of being on camera and how she manages to connect and motivate people is wonderful. There was never any judgement for not having had time to see the videos before the webinar, or for not having done our challenge. There was only great support and refocus.

I’ve learned tons about the tech side – all the different options and now have a great handle on the technology needed for a straightforward programme, a powerful programme structure, and a strong belief that yes, I can do this.

And I have done it!

My programme starts in two weeks time; I’m still heart-flutterin’ at the thought, but I feel really solid in what I’ve created, with Yasmin and the other members’ help, input and support.

If you’re thinking of creating an online course – check out Yasmin’s offering. What I loved most about the programme was the access to Yasmin – no question ever went unanswered, either in the group calls or on the facebook group. That alone makes the programme worth it’s price.
with love"

Trudy Arthurs, The Compassionate Confidence Specialist

"If you are considering delivering online or offline courses then Yasmin's Course Creation Bootcamp is the perfect course for you.

The CCB takes you through the "how to steps" to creating an actual course, from generating your course topic to the actual launch of the programme.

It is an easy to follow process that does not take time away from your regular 9-5 job.

I loved the layout of the course as Yasmin created a series of short 10 minute videos for each week of the course, so I could sit and watch all 10 minutes videos one week, or dip in and out another week depending on my schedule.

The weekly group call brought it all nicely together as I got to know the other "students" as well as our tutor Yasmin and get to ask questions and learn from the other student's questions.

Prior to participating in CCB I knew I wanted to start delivering online courses, but didn't know which step to do first. Now I feel very confident in HOW I'm actually going to create, market, launch and deliver my course.

I think a step-by-step programme is the best way to show people anything and wish a course like this had existed to show me how to start a business.

This real beauty of the CCB is that the skills learned in the course can be applied to delivering online and offline courses.

So thank you Yasmin, I really benefited from the course and I also enjoyed it, I will miss it now that it is completed."

Sandra Martin, OWN My Business Facebook Group.

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have

*A deep understanding of the value you have to offer...your solid anchor
* How you help people - you'll be able to say that in a 'perfect pitch'
* The topic of your online course
* Who you help and why you want to help them 
* A clear path for your clients to follow to help them create the transformation they DESIRE
* An online course you can start selling immediately

And to make the journey even easier, I have a fabulous line up of bonuses to share with you!

I'll share these when you need them so there's no overwhelm!


In this session with me, you and I will work together on your course idea and outline and I guarantee we will supercharge your bootcamp participation! (this is worth more than the price of the course itself!)

I want to make this so simple for you.  All you have to do is map out the transformation and fill in the blanks in the template. You really will have your course at the end of the 6 weeks!
Creating a course isn't just about selling a course. It's also about repurposing your content and using it as a solid foundation for your business. In this masterclass, I'll show you how to use the course to craft your high price offers and how to start selling those. This class will be in the Bootcamp materials for you when you're ready for it.

Got Questions?

​Why should I listen to you Yasmin?
I have been training and coaching for over 16 years, 12 of those in corporate. My whole career has been based on breaking complicated knowledge down to simple concepts that people can use immediately.  My experience is grounded in real life, not theory and I know what works and what doesn't.  I am a constant learner and I don't hold anything back when I am sharing what I know. Creating courses is something I have done time and time again and I know how to do this like the back of my hand. PLUS I can show you how to do this successfully in the online world!

Will I really have my online course created by the end of the 6 weeks?
Yes, you will have everything you need to get your online course created and ready to sell...if you do the work!  

What happens if I can't get my message clear?
I am going to make this process super simple for you. You don't have to create your life's work in this program. All I want for you to do is get creating. Once you nail the methodology, you will never again wonder how to do this. With what I'll be showing you, you'll have the know-how to create a course in as little as 48 hours.

I can't afford it right now
This programme will show you how to create your course and sell it. This is a rinse and repeat process so the sky is the limit when it comes to creating courses which can become a lucrative stream of income. And just like how I will show you in the bootcamp how to price YOUR course, I want you to think about the VALUE you will get from this bootcamp. If you create a $500 course and sold 2, you will have already made back more than your initial investment. 

Or imagine making a $97 sale every day of every week .... even if you only sold 3 a week, that would make you $1,200 every month from work you've done once. And bear in mind, this is a conservative estimate. 

What if you sold 5 a week....that's $2,000. What would an extra $2000 a month do for you? 

And this would be from a small initial investment.
With bonuses worth $700.  

If you absolutely can't afford it, I understand. I don't want anyone to be in financial difficulty through working with me so maybe now is not the right time for you.  I hope I can still be of service to you through my free content.

What makes this course different from the others?
I don't want to bamboozle you with a ton of information you don't need so I don't! I know that you want to create your online course and I know that for whatever reason you haven't started yet.  So I have created this bootcamp so you DO create it AND you know how to do it so you can rinse and repeat!

I haven't got the time.
Ah yes, we are the tiny timers after all! I hear you which is why I have made this bootcamp super easy to participate in and complete.  I want you to complete the bootcamp.  I want you to do the challenges each week.  If you're really serious about creating an online course, this is actually going to be one of the fastest ways to get it created!

I don't think now is the right time.
If you have been thinking about creating an online course but you're telling yourself that now is not the right time...I want you to take a moment and think about those people who couldn't afford to work with you, the people who said no to you and the people who question your prices...could an online course be the deal maker? Think about the money you're leaving on the table by not taking a few simple steps to get your online course off the ground!

A Little Word From Me x

When your business is tied to exchanging time for money, it can be exhausting. 

With this bootcamp, I'm showing you how to make this happen with an online course in just 6 weeks (or less!).  If you've been toying with the idea of creating your online course for some time now AND STILL NOT made any progress, I highly recommend you join the bootcamp so you get the support and accountability you need. 

It's NOW time for you to super-size your money-making and impact-creating potential and I would be honoured to help you do this!

I can't wait to welcome you to the Bootcamp!
Yasmin x